Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Random Random

Shel is at work tonight. Its Graduation and Birthday night at the centre, so he wont be home for a while. Which leaves me sitting here, listening to the rain fall outside, and the squeak of Bernie's teeth against my sandal.

Wait a sec...


Where was I... oh yeah... listening to the rain falling outside and Bernie huffing at me because I took my sandal away. So what to do till Shel's off work? Blog Blog Blog.

Random thoughts drift through my mind. So why not share them with you?

  • What can I do to get this house back in shape? I've dropped over 35 bags and boxes off at goodwill. (I know! Its not the S.A. thrift store. But.. have you tried donating there lately? fail... so... goodwill it is) What else can I get rid of? Better yet... what can I sell. Do you think Hayden will notice the lizard tank gone? Spottie died a couple months ago and he hasn't noticed THAT yet...
  • What can I do to get me back in shape? UGH! I hate the thought of it! But I hate the thought of staying like this. So what can I do? Time to get up and get moving. I was planning a run last week. But I think that was reaching a bit. So... time for walkies. I LOVE to walk. and I know Bernie would love to have a couple extra walks included in his day.
  • Should I blog about my attempt to get back in shape? Do I have the guts to put that stuff out there for everyone to read when I'm JUST getting used to not erasing my pictures? I would LOVE to do it. LOVE LOVE LOVE, because maybe, just maybe it could help someone else. But... that's a LOT of pressure.
  • Why did that cat leave that half eaten bird on my back porch? is it yucky I want to take pictures of it? Why didn't it eat the heart and stomach. I would think that is full of yummy goodness. WHO is going to clean that up? and... How much would YOU eat that for? (A gross game we used to play at the clinic to help us get past the bad moments... you never look at spaghetti and meatballs the same way after your first large dog neuter.
  • Bernie is feeling better!! Yay!!! about time. Noe lets see how his new food goes over... and... that small piece of sandal I couldn't get from him in time.
  • Random! Random! Random! - Crap! I just lost the game.
  • Congrats... you are now playing the game. (I'm sorry! really I am!)

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