Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You have to have a sence of humour

Even the best made plans can go haywire. Yesterday was a holiday in the states, so Shel and I were able to get a bit more time together then we usually do. Which was a good thing because last night did NOT go according to plan.

During the afternoon we made homework for ourselves. It was something that required Internet and... well power. Pretty basic stuff. Shel went out to grab some dinner, and the sun was bright and shining down on him. He got back, we started talking about our homework and.. all of a sudden he was gone. I couldn't find him. He wasn't chatting and I was a little worried.

I got an email a few min later from his blackberry saying that there was a storm. Power out, thunder, lightning, and torrential downpour. and there went our evening. :(

We seem to have the worst timing sometimes. But you HAVE to laugh at it. It can be easy to get frustrated. Even to take it out on the other person. But try not to. Power failures, an extra shift, or even a staff meeting can pop up out of no where. Don't let it get to you. What did I do last night? grabbed a quick nap. I had been needing on, and I was already missing my time with him. (To be honest it wasn't really a planned nap but it was obvious that I needed it none the less.) The power came back on and then we had some time together before our usual night watch.

Do other things. we emailed back and forth. if both of our laptops had been charged, we could have played the same game from our downloaded pile. Or started reading "our" book. Do what you can. Because if you don't you'll end up kicking yourself for it, because planned or not, its time you still could have spent together.

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