Monday, June 1, 2009

Eggwash, Hollandaise, and Hull... I think I'm in trouble...

Ever play the game Busy Bistro on MSN? ( I did last night. after failing EVERY round, I realized it was time to admit defeat and ask for help.

I LOVE to bake. It's my stress reliever, my calm blue ocean and my creative outlet. Baking is my THING. In my family, it's not "What do you want for your birthday?" its "What kind of cake do you want for your birthday?" A while back, it was a pretty good source of income for me, but.. me and my follow through, it was pushed to the side when I started working at the clinic.

I wasn't really a big baker until as a teen, my youth group decided to hold a fundraiser for a trip to Florida. A million apple pies, crumbles, torts and apple chips later, I was in love.. well... actually by the end of it, I was wishing to never see an apple pie again... but... the idea of baking was there. But I was a teenager, and I didn't really do a whole lot of baking/cooking.
For 3 summers I lived with my friend Julie (who was my co-baker for the apple treats) while her parents went on vacation. Julie is a force in the kitchen and probably my cooking idol. Lunch with her a few months back reminded me of how in awe I am of this phenomena called cooking. I love being creative, and anybody who's seen me lately can attest to the fact that I love food, so combining the two sound like a GREAT thing for me. Thanks t JTV I have watched Gordon Ramsey's... EVERYTHING none stop for 48 hours. (hmm... I may have more then one problem that I need help with.)

In a few months, I'm going to be the woman of the house. (ggg!) And aside from being TOTALLY thrilled with it, its kinda a scary thing. Cleaning the house, Organizing the house... not a problem. Thankfully my OCD helps take care of that. But cook meals? Oh Oh! Houston, we have a problem. Wait... unless Pancakes for dinner every night works. No? hmmm...

So I am soliciting advice. Recipes. Great dishes to try that my boys (Shel included) are going to love. I would love to hear what you are feeding your kids that they are actually liking. And if it can look REALLY impressive, but only involve about 3 steps, even better :P I will have in law families in visiting proximity. Julie, if you wanted to just transfer your entire brain (and even 1/8th the talent straight to my hard drive, that would be GREAT!!

Wait! I can make lasagna!! regular nothing fancy lasagna... can I alternate between that and the pancakes?

I think I'm in trouble.


  1. Sharon, I will dig into my favourites and send you some. One recipe website that I use faithfully, is Have you heard of it? It has thousands of recipes..and most have pictures, and also reviews from people who have tried it..and offered tips on how it worked better for them. I have so many recipes collected from that site.

    Congrats on the exciting changes in your life! Im so thrilled for you!!