Saturday, June 6, 2009

I LOVE you!

If you'll give me a second, there's something I need to say to someone :)
I love you. I have loved you all my life. I have loved you before I knew I did, and I will love you FOREVER. I love that when I have a bad moment, you are right there to tell me its OK. I love that you do silly little things to make you smile. I love watching you read your book. I love watching you play a game. I love watching you when you don't know I'm watching, and I love watching you when you're pretending you don't know. I love you because you are ALWAYS there for me no matter what. I LOVE you for every crazy, spazzy, dreamy, incredible moment we've had together, and I LOVE you for all the hard harsh emotional moments we've survived.

I love every second we spend together, and I love every min of this crazy hard distance between us now, because we have to come up with creative ways to remind each other of this great thing we have.

I love the crazed sap you've turned me into. I love the feeling of peace that loving you has given me. I love that you know all my baggage and love me anyways. I love that you know me better then I know myself most days, and I love the feeling of falling in love with you over and over EVERY single day.

I love that you are my soul mate, I love that by loving you I now believe in soul mates. I love that we are going to get the happily ever after we have dreamed of. I love that one day I will be your wife. I love that we will sit on our porch, in our rockers waiting for our grand kids to come, and I love that I will get to spend the next 50-60 years together.

I love that I got this silly sappy (and poorly written) love poem emailed to me, and I love that every word in it applies to me and you:

If I had but one breath of life left in me,I'd give you that breath.
If I had but one piece of music and one song left to sing,I'd play and sing for you.
If I had but one tiny drop of love locked safely within my heart,I'd give you the key.

If I could look into but one last set of gorgeous dark brown eyes,I'd want those eyes to be yours.
If I could feel the passion and tenderness of but one last kiss,I'd want those lips to be yours.
If I could hear but one last voice whispering in my ear, I'd want that voice to be yours.

... I just thought you should know. I LOVE YOU!

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