Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ok... so... in the past... 48 hours, I've gone from no plan for a wedding because we were going to hit Niagra Falls one afternoon while Hayden was in school and be back in time to pick him up... to....

Theme... Picked!
Decorations... In process!
Invitations... Done... just waiting for a date to put on them!
Video Montage for super fun extrordinare wedding.... DONE!! (pending final approval from groomy)

My mind has not stopped since we made the "big decision" to put a 'real' wedding back on the table.

it's 3:47 am, my movie is uploading, and I can't wait!!

So... since I know there's not a lot of yu reading this to spoil the surprise... here's the lowdown on the plans... (Shel!! Stop laughing!! At least its better then a new facebook group! You know I can't keep a secret when I'm excited!! oh... whatever!! laugh away then!)

so here's the skinny...

The theme? Romantic movies... Since Shel and I are pretty big movie buffs... (I dont know... does 600+ movies make you a movie buff? or only a step above the crazy cat lady?)

So how does that translate into decorations, etc etc etc?

Here's how.

Decorations? Movie theater styles... Posters of some of our fav romantic movies. Red carpets. Movie reels (if I can find some... hoping I can...) the rest of the decorations... still working out.. this proves to be the hardest part so far... We're thinking maybe a popcorn machine in the reception hall (ahem... if your reading this and I havent asked you if you could hook us up yet... lol.. thats the plan.. I plan on asking you later :P)

Invitations: Movie tickets. Like I said... already designed and ready to go. The good news? all its going to cost is card stock and ink. Looking for ideas for RSVP cards...

How to make it special and unique? We've all seen the video montages when people are walking down the aisle... they're cheesy, but cute, and I gotta say.. I like them. But... how can I make it different?

As guests are arriving, there will be a power point presentation on the screen... Trivia based, like when you show up to a movie early. Then... a few min before we'r ready to start, the screen will flash a movie logo, and then some clips from our fav movies. Cue "coming attractions" voice over and logo, and the bridesmaids will start walking down the aisle to a sappy montage of romantic couples from the movies, complete with sappy song. at the end of the song, there is a short clip of Shel and I from a home video I made on a roadtrip with the kids, and then... cue logo and voice over for... " And now... for your feature presentation".. pause pause pause.. cue the song I will walk down the aisle to.

The video montage is about 7 and 1/2 min long.. I'm a little concerned about the length.. but.. I can still make cuts...

Check it out and tell me what you think...

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  1. Obviously not done editing, and the volume needs some work. This was trial software. once I get the actual one, the watermark in the middle of the screen will be gone.