Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home again Home again Poopedy Pooped!

What an insanely busy, emotionally crazy, amazing, wonderful vacation.

We had a great time! It was awesome for us all to be together again, and I caught myself on more then one occassion just watching life run its course around me and thinking "Wow"

We went to Myrtle Beach, and as I stood with the salt water waves lapping around me, Shel and our boys out jumping the waves, I smiled and thought "This is my future"

We drove to Ashville to spend time with some of Shel's family, and had 3 boys stuffed into the back of a Crown Vic fighting for their space, and I looked at the crazy adorable man I am going to marry and thought "This is my life"

I looked out at the amazing scenery at Tallulah Falls, our three boys milling around behind us and snuggled closer to my love and thought "Wow this is it!"

I grieved with him when we left our middle child behind and had to travel on without him, and felt my heart break with his and thought "This is hard, but its my life"

I got misty eyed pulling into the driveway of the new house, and watching Hayden and Ev look around their new rooms, and as we all explored the new house, I wrapped my arms around that incredible man once again and whispered in his ear "This is OUR life. and I wouldn't trade it for anything"

I held Hayden in my arms as he sobbed and sobbed watching Daddy and Evan leave, and I said "That is our future".

It was an incredible time, and something that will get me through these next few months.

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