Tuesday, October 13, 2009

halloween prep

Not much to tell today. I spent the day running around second hand store to second hand store trying to find stuff for Hayden's Halloween costume. He's going as a soldier and believe it or not, there were no camo pant to be found. I've been to 4 stores looking and finally managed to find a girls pair in Hayden's size (shhhhh! don't tell).

He tried it all on after school to see how everything looked.


  1. I LOVE making costumes for Halloween! This year my daughter (10) is planning on going with school friends. They all want to dress alike or have a theme, so a few were looking through those catalogs to BUY a costume.
    My daugher said, "My Mom doesn't buy costumes...she makes them."

    So now I'm making Go-Go girl costumes for the whole posse!

    Thanks for stopping by my site! You've got yourself a new follower!

  2. @ Mom's place - Thanks! Thats what I said too.. but apparently, soldiers "ARE NOT!!!" cute. LoL. (if only I had a girl to understand the cuteness of a man in uniform :P)

    @f8hasit - I know... I don't think I've bought a costume yet... I borrowed the traditional bumble bee first year one :P Go-Go costumes sound like a blast! Good luck! (and Enjoy!)