Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thanksgiving is coming up. I'll be spending it here with my Parents and my Brother and his family with Shel and the boys away. We're not one of those families that goes around the table telling each other what we're thankful for. This last year has been the hardest year I have EVER had! So maybe a little thankfulness about the things that drive me nuts will help me get some perspective.

I am thankful that Shel and I are here. Alive, healthy, and able to be who we are. There were moments for both of us where that seemed like a pipe dream.
(Shel and Rhys when I arrived at the Atlanta airport)

I am thankful for a life with 3 amazing kids who have so much energy and imagination that they drive me up the wall :P (Our boys... doing what they do best... causing panic attacks!)

I am thankful for my crazy-hyper-destroy-everything puppy, that he's healthy, happy, and loves us incredibly.

(Bernie and Hayden in the back yard)

I am thankful for an amazing adventure that has me scared out of my wit's!

(Shel and I in the front yard of OUR house in Virginia our first day there!!)

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