Saturday, October 24, 2009

What the ?!?!?!

Holy crow!! What was that yesterday?? Can we say manic?? Hopefully today will be a better day. After a LONG chat with McHubby last night where I bawled, whined, bitched and moaned about how much I missed him, I woke up this AM feeling... not better... but... that I had a choice to make.

I only get a few dedicated moments with McHubby a night. And as much as he says he doesn't mind when I sob that I'm sad, I don't want that to be it for him. I dont want him to come home from a hard day at work and have to listen to me complain. I am 100% that fetch your slippers have supper waiting for you meet you at the door type of person. When he was here, he'd come home from a day at work, and I'd meet him at the door for a hug. Before shoes and coat came off. Even before the front door was shut.

I cherish each moment we have together. More so now that they are shared via Internet instead of being arms reach from each other. I have 55 days to wait until I can get a hug I so desperately need. But I can do 55 days. We've past the 1/2 a year apart milestone. If I can do that... 55 days should be easy, right? So... No more sad! I will suck it up, recognize and admit that the distance bugs him too, and be thankful for what I have... a date to head down, a loving fiance, 3 healthy children... focus on the positive... not the calendar.

Ok.. enough catch phrases for today. Now to clean the house, which I failed to do yesterday after my meltdown.

And... to start on a happy smiley note.... Let me introduce you to my good friend Tim Nutt. He's AWESOME!! Home grown talent who makes me crack up whenever he's near/on tv/ posting on facebook. If you're in the mood for a little toilet humour this AM, I promise you... this is a good place to start your day.


  1. LOL thank you for the comedy break!

    You can do it! 55 days is but a mere blink!

    *sigh* I should go clean house also

    Dirty Little Confessions

  2. LOL!!!

    I really should go do some dishes...but I really don't want to!

  3. aww! what a sweet love story! Hope the baptisms went well!! Happy rest of the weekend!