Saturday, October 10, 2009

When you get... Give.

"Thank you everybody. Thank you Tom, and Bob and Dolores, who are home watching I hope, thank you so much, and to everyone who voted for me."

Hmmm.. no... wait... that's Oprah's speech when she won the first Bob Hope Humanitarian Award. Probably not applicable in this case.

Mrs. Sheila over at One Pretty Little Box sent me an awesome gift this AM in the form of the Gorgeous Blogger Award. Like I said in my last post, when I started this blog, I hoped.. but never dreamed that anyone would read it. It was just cathartic for me. So many things going on, and I needed an outlet that would give me my own voice. It's been fun, and NOW... well NOW it's just great. (esp for those nights when sleep does not come easy. I can log in and catch up on my new friends day's, and have a chuckle/cry/brainstorm at 3am.

So here's the deal with the Award. (Pardon me while I cut and paste some of the rules, because... well its easier... and it is Saturday after all).
So... in order for my award to be official, here are the things I need to do:
1.) recognize and link back to the person who sent it
2.) share six interesting things about myself
3.) award seven other bloggers with the Gorgeous Blogger Award
4.) let them know about it.
So... hmm... 6 interesting things about me...
1) I LOVE LOVE LOVE road trips. We drove from Atlanta to Canada this summer so that Hayden and I could see our new house in Virginia, and I LOVED every second of it. I think it comes from being a ministers kid, and being transferred (literally) all across the country.
2) I am literally marrying the man of my dreams. I fell in love with my best friend over 15 years ago, when we were miles and worlds apart. And life has managed to keep us connected, and in less then 75 days I will marry the man I have been in love with for more then half my life.
3) I am a nerd. Big words, quotes, random facts, and al other forms of geekyness are right up my alley. I'm the person you want to call if you're on "Who wants to be a Millionaire".
4)I'm wearing Sketchers sneakers under my wedding dress! :)
5) My wedding dress belongs to my best friend, and she borrowed it from someone else for HER wedding. Things like that excite me! Pay it forward thrift store styles!
6) Going with the above, I would LOVE to start a Bloggerhood Of The Not So Fat Travelling pants -esk project. Maybe a couple. One with books, maybe one with DVD's, and one sort of like Mona of Moxie Media where there's "someone" that people can get involved with their families.
PHEW! That was a lot of work...
Ok... 6 people I want to recognize (I know some of them like to keep their blogs private so if a link has been disabled, then don't take it personally)
1) Dana - Dana and I are... cousin in laws... if such a thing existed. My Uncle and her Aunt married, and cousin in laws were born. Dana and I have also worked for the same organization, and have a lot of the same friends although she and I never really see each other. She started her blog as an online memory book of sorts. She writes about her days with her daughter, and family life. Her posts always make me smile (and makes my womb ache for a little princess of my own one day)
2) House of the discarded - I can honestly say I don't even know this woman's name. And I now realize how sad that is! She documents her work with local cat rescuers and I am amazed with every post her compassion, commitment, and her dedication to these incredible fur faces that are only looking for a home with someone to love them. **Warning. Some of her posts are heart wrenching. She deals with an overcrowded shelter that euthanizes animals 3 times a week. Some of them are hard to read, but SO very important, as the reality and responsibility to our animals is something not to be taken lightly**
3) Deborah - I'm new to her blog, but she's awesome!! So many furry faces to love.
4)Crafty This and That - Another Annon. blog, but it does my Martha Stewart side good to pop into her blog.
5) Allie - I see a new post from Allie come up in my dashboard and my mouth INSTANTLY starts to water. Amazing recipies with AMAZING pictures... Oh My!
6) Ok... so I know that the award is lavender, and has a pic of a woman on it.. but my 7th blogger is actually my brother Shawn. He uses his blog to dialog about raising 3 kids with peanut allergies. Its a rough road. As extended family, even with just weekend visits, the struggle to find "safe" foods is nerve wracking. Doing it on a daily basis to keep 3 kids safe is something that takes a special kind of parent.
Check them out! These are some great people, talking about things they love. And isn't THAT what makes the world go round?
And Sheila, thanks for nominating me... I love you a little too ;)


  1. Interesting fact #7! I HATE when blogger messes up my posts and wont let me make lines between paragraphs!! ARHG!

  2. Thank you Sharon! You'll love the give away I have coming up this's for baking goods for the holidays!

    RE lines between paragraphs...when in writing mode, switch to html and manually insert space using the enter key. That usually fixes things.

  3. LOVE nerds! Fun post today. Nice to hear about your bloggy friends. Have a great weekend. Come on by our blog anytime...Holly at