Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A day late, and a dollar short...

Thats how I feel like I'm living right now... just out of reach of something wonderful...something huge... something life altering... and I think if I look long enough... that fuzzy "What-cha-ma-call-it" will come into focus and the haze will lift, and I'll be right on time.

But for now, the haze is showing up... even here... so my Tuesday post will be a "Not Me Monday" because the words... well.. the laptop... stayed just out of my reach last night until bedtime, and then... well it's cuddle time... not blogging time.

When I was surfing around yesterday, I followed link through link through link to find MckMama and her Not Me! Monday posts! I LOVED them... so... I thought I'd do one... Maybe recap the highlights of the week... so... here goes!

Last Sunday ( I know it's a while ago, but... I hold a grudge sometimes... ) when McHubby hung up the phone and announced that his ex wife asked him to tell me she said "Hi", I Did Not give the cordless phone the finger.... really!!! and then I Did Not sulk about it for a couple of hours, letting her get to me in that special way only she can.

Monday I Did Not pull extra covers from McHubby so he would wake up and cuddle into me in that way that I love, and don't know how I EVER lived without.

Munchkin Did Not lose 3 spelling books in ONE week, and I DID NOT go out and buy new ones each time so he wouldn't fall behind, only to have him find the 3 books on Friday.

On Thursday I Did Not go to work with McHubby and file his mountain of work for him, and "borrow" the office copy of Adobe Photoshop and another referrence program and install them on my laptop. (hee hee)

Friday McHubby Did Not work from home, and I Did Not turn into some selfish beast I'd never seen before because he had to actually do work.

Saturday I Did Not take the pooper on a 2 hour walk and a 3 hour car ride just because I felt guilty for not taking him for a walk in ... a LONG time.

Sunday morning I Did Not get upset when McHubby said he was going to talk to this person who seemed to be purposely going out of her way to be rude to me. AND I Did Not secretly love the fact that he saw it... that it wasn't in my head!!

Sunday afternoon I Did Not go see a highschool play just because I think McEldest lied about going to see it, and then we could ask him his favorite part, etc. I Did NOT obsess about all the little pink girls running around, I Did Not count the 26 little sparkley  pink one's and think about them till my uterus ached.

Last night I Did Not lay on the couch for 3 hours watching mindless TV (Including 2 hours of wrestling) while there was a TON of stuff to do.

And this AM? Well this AM, I Will Not be late to take the Munchkin to school because I "had" to blog first, I Will Not obsess about the frying pan full of bacon grease I stuck in the cupboard when I found it in the stove last night, which McHubby put there so the dog wouldn't burn his tongue, I WILL NOT finally fold the 5 baskets of clean laundry waiting to be folded.

But most importantly I WILL NOT crawl back into bed, cuddle into McHubby's pillow and dream my day away.


  1. *hee hee* I WILL NOT let the kids watch TV all day because it's raining like crazy and I'm tired of being the in-house entertainment.

  2. Love the pillow bit! That sounds too good right now!