Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Heart Bins!!

I'm unpacking and packing my house.  I havent finished unpacking from our move 2 months ago when McHubby gets a call telling us to not be surprised if we move in June.  So... I've got half an office unpacked, organized, and ready to have house guests.  The other half of the office is cluttered with half empty boxes, a garbage bag full of stuff I forgot to dump before my move, and things everywhere. 

So I'm repacking... getting things in order, trying to get the perfect balance of things we need, and things I dont want to repack a couple months from now. 

I dont like packing in boxes.  I dislike cardboard, because if you don't unpack right away, then you end up with boxes sitting around the garage, giving mice, bugs and who knows what else a chance to find a new home in your favorite slipper.

So this time around I'm packing in bins.  Storage bins that I can fill, stack, and not worry about. But... Where do I get these bins?

I bought these great ones from Target for $5-6 each.  Note the green and red? Yep!! They are my Christmas bins.

This is a bin full of toys from munchkin's room I got at Walmart on sale for $4, and now they are $10.

And these are the ones I have left over from my last move. Ones I have, wont have to pay for, but ones that dont necessarily hold things the way I need them to.

Anyone have any ideas where I can get some cheap bins? The planner in me is ithcing to get this over with...

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  1. I'm into bins too! Makes moving so much easier I think. I still have to deal with cardboard though. Contracted movers with the military don't like bins. So things get dumped out, and bis are even placed into boxes! BLAH!