Monday, February 1, 2010

One little click... for me?

I LOVE free samples!! I can't get enough of them!! 

When I was a little girl, my friends and I would have sleep overs, and we'd call 1-800 numbers and try to get them to send us free samples.  THATS how much I love them!!  ~Ok... so it was also because I lived in a little town in Newfoundland called Dildo, and at 7, 8, 9 and 10, its pretty fun to hear people's reactions when you give them your mailing address ~

So... when I discovered "Its All Free Online" I thought I'd fill out a couple things, get a key chain if I was lucky, and that would be that...  a fun way to get a couple cool things, and I'd get mail... another thing I LOVE.

THIS is a picture of the freebies I got in about a two week span. (The Save the Hooters bag was a blog contest win, but... you get the idea)

McHubby laughs at my excitement when the mail truck goes by every day, but I don't think he fully understands.

To look around our house, you'd find diapers, shampoo envelopes, splenda taster samples, and... well everything imaginable.  All free and delivered to our door.

Munchkin has a little bit of trouble sitting still in church (and school, and the living room, and the Dr's and well... anywhere he's expected to sit still.) I ordered a case of colouring books free from a website given to me through Its All Free Online and now there's a stash of them in the car, in dad's office, in moms bag, pretty much anywhere you can think, to keep him occupied. 

Posters, pens, hand cream, astroglide, books, keychains, cologne for the boys, food samples to add to a bland dinner, Everything everything EVERYTHING.

I think my favorite has to be the sample diapers.  Having the No-Baby blues, or the Baby Aches, I am counting the days till I can have my own little bundle of joy.  I've even started saving things I see that I want to pass on, or even buying little things I just can't pass up on... it's my way of staying sane when the hormones get a little too much. So in my garage there sits a box (soon to be marked Becky/Sam, and in that box, my first baby blanket, my grandmothers cream and sugar set, and a half dozen or so diapers). There are days, when I feel like my hormones have taken over and thrown my brain out the window, when getting out of bed seems like the biggest task I can face, I have a stash... a tiny little newborn diaper, complete with umbilical notch that I have in my closet.  I take it out, and the almost feather light weight in my hand makes my heart soar.

Free Samples are good for ANYTHING!! Gift basket filler, stocking stuffers, prizes for games I even got all my wedding pictures printed free!! or just a great way to get to know your mail carrier!

So... the deal is, I get my own personalized link to tell you about Its All Free Online.  When you click on it, it counts as a visit for me.  Thats it... no signing up, no entering your personal info, just a visit credited to me... It looks like there's about 18-20 of us doing it right now, and if I win I get a $50.00 Amazon card.  Which would be VERY cool!!!

So, in case I haven't linked it enought yet, you can click here, here or here.

You guys are awesome!!


  1. Awesome! I love free stuff, too, and getting it in the mail makes it super fun. And don't think I didn't notice that mention of free astroglide ;)

  2. Way cool!!!! Did you know that most companies, if you call or email them with your addy, they'll send you TONS of samples!?!

  3. I used to love to get mail and samples when I was young too, it's so fun to see you still get so excited! Good luck!