Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary... someone... somewhere

Anniversaries take on a whole new meaning when you're in a LDR. You find yourself looking for the little things to celebrate, it helps take your mind off the distance at times.

Celebrate a first kiss. A first date. When you met (some of us can't remember that far back but...) Send a nicey, a card, or... late night phone calls have been destroying your budget, send an e-card, or some other kind of virtual gift. If you're tapped for ideas of things to celebrate, or if your like us, and our anniversaries fall later in the year, make one up.

Random days I've found, and may or may not celebrate:

May 11 - Eat What You Want Day

Nov 15 - National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

May 8 - Have a Coke Day

May 24 - National Escargot Day (however since it's our youngest son's Bday, I think we'll stick to the traditional cake)

May 30 - Water a Flower day

May 23 - International Lucky Penny Day

March 3 - I want you to be happy day

March 8 - Be nasty day

March 14 - National Pi Day (why? because it's 3.14 - the value of pi!)

July 7 - National Strawberry Sundae Day (or... as I call it... Shel's Bday!)

Go online and look up random events, like friend day (the first Sunday in August) or National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day (November 12 ). Whatever the day... enjoy it with your loved one. Set up a "web date". Pick a time you're both available to go online, make (or buy) the same thing for dinner, get all dolled up, and enjoy a romantic dinner together. Any day can be a special day when you're celebrating with your love.

Oh yeah! and have a happy Boy's Club Day!!


  1. National Escargot Day?
    Maybe he'd like a cake in the shape of a snail - You could tell him it's Gary :)

  2. we have had 4 pet snails named gary... there will not be another... edible or otherwise :P

    I think we're having a brain cake.