Thursday, May 14, 2009


"Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but Peace within the storm."

Have you ever walked outside after a really big storm? Have you ever just stood there and... been? The air is clear, there's usually not much noise. The trees may be still blowing a bit, and the leaves scuffing on the pavement, but it feels... different. Peaceful.

There are days like that in a LDR. You wake up, and the worry about what your loved one is doing, if they're ok, when your next letter will reach them, when you'll talk to them again.... that worry is just gone, and your heart, your mind, they're at Peace. It’s an incredible feeling. Like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket, lowering into a warm bath, or standing outside just after a storm. That is how today is for me. Like I wrapped myself in a cozy "I love you." and stood outside and just... stood in awe.

Last night it rained here... and like all good dogs do, my puppy needed to go just as it started to come down. It had been a LONG hard day for my S.O and I, and we had just settled in for a chat after some pretty big disclosure. It wasn't my ideal time for a potty break. I grumbled, I complained, but I threw on a coat and shoes and we went out to the yard (no long walkies in the rain and 11 at night lol). My dog is a shy dog... he has... bathroom issues. You can't look at him, there can be no noise, and it takes a MIN 15 min to find the right place. So, I stood there, thinking over the pretty heavy stuff my S.O. and I had been talking about, and I realized... it didn't feel so heavy any more. My heart wasn't dragging, My mind wasn't racing to get back inside and chat with him. I turned my face up to look at the moon, and the rain falling on it was one of the most refreshing things I had felt. And I knew that the tide had turned. The anxious wondering, the questioning, the worry were all washing away with the rain, and it was all replaced with a Peaceful "ahhhhh!". Bernie had to snap me out of it asking to go back inside, which is the opposite of what usually happens.

I know, you're probably wondering, "What does any of that have to do with LDR's?" I think if you go back through, you'll find that each one of my posts talks about how hard LDR's are... How much work is involved, and how there are really bad days. But I wanted.. NEEDED you to know.. they aren't all like that. There are incredible, amazing, Fan-Ter-Awe-Tastic-Rific-Some days, where you just sit back and feel amazed at the fact that you love your S.O, that they love you, and that you have a strong bond. An incredible bond that you can be miles away, and still hear them whisper "I love you" in your ear. That countries apart, you can still feel them wrap their arms around you in a warm embrace.

Enjoy these days. Store them up, replay them on the not so great days... but most importantly... tell your loved one about them. How amazing to hear the person you think about constantly, worry about constantly say... "hey! We're going to be alright!".

ggg... here's what happened when I told mine:

I love you!! says:
because... gg... today I am.... ahhhhhh! It feels different.
me too!! says: does...i love it! gg
I love you!! says:
why you gg?
me too!! says:
because I love you
and I love that you love me

And THAT will get me through ANYTHING!

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