Friday, May 8, 2009

Text your way to their heart

When we decided that we wer going to have a LDR, or rather when we realized we had something too good to let a country seperate us, there were some purchases to make.

The first thing we bought were matching laptops. I know... I know... we're sappy, but we can't really help it. The matching laptops made sure that we'd have the same graphic programs, the same capabilities, and well.. we match :) with the laptops came our web cams... we based what we were buying on if it had a web cam or not. (why? see my post on web cams)

The second thing was a cell phone. There was no chance I was going to miss a call from him. When I was picking out my cell, I made sure it had a good texting ability because Iknew that if I really needed him, he was only a text message away. I have the virgin lg "slide" phone... you know it... slides in... slides out. with a full qwrty keyboard, im able to send off a cute little message, or an "I need you" with just a few key strokes.

Being apart can make you feel like you're not a part of each others lives. With my cell I can include him in any conversation, or seek his guidance within seconds. Today on the school bus coming home from our youngest sons field trip, he got a frantic "Quick, I need a food that starts with u!" text. We play the alphabet game with our kids on long trips, and not only were we able to come up with a u word, but he was also included in the game, which our son loved.

My S.O. can count on at least 4 messages a day (lol.. he gets abour 20, but there are 4 he'll get no matter what)
1) He gets a "good morning, I love you" as soon as my alarm goes off. before I even get out of bed. Actually its usually right after I press the snooze button.
2) Around 10:30, he'll get an "I miss you, baby!". I dont know why it hits hard around that time, but every day, I get this overwhelming i miss him feeling.
3) About 1pm, he'll get another "I love you" and
4) Around 7pm, he'll get another "I miss you". When the day starts to wind down, I find I miss him more and more. He's not here to talk about my day with, he's not here for the nightly tuck in, and the worst part for me, Im not there when he's getting home. Not there to hear about his day. We talk about all those things when we log on at night, but its hard for me, because I feel like im not there for him.

oh yeah!! I send little notes about something I thought about for the wedding. (I think he loves those the best).lol

Text messages are a great way to communicate through the day, their more cost efficiant, their unexpected, and for some reason they can feel taboo, because they're this private message, almost like a secret between you and your S.O.

Try sending random messages, see if there's some kind of pattern or idea you can come up with to make them special.

  • Send 1 word every 30 min until you get your message across.

  • Send cute love notes, or sensual i miss you's. Either way your partner will be happy to know you were thinking of them.

  • Send a text asking a really mundain question, like... do you know where my pink belt is?

  • Send an inside joke. We have letters that stand for specific words and if I know we're in a hurry, I'll just fire off an "l" or "m" and it says, I only have a second, but I'm still thinking about you.

  • I love sending them when I know he's in a meeting. Just a simple "love" or "knock 'em dead" and he knows I've remembered something important about his day (not to mention if its a long meeting, it's a great way to make sure he stays awake).

Having praised the text message world, I will offer a word or two of caution.

  • Unless you have a specific text message plan, you will find your bill gets pretty high after 30-40 texts a day.

  • Be sure you know how your S.O. feels about texts. If you have an S.O. who would think 30 or 40 would be too many texts, then make sure you're only sending the REALLY good ones, and I'd space them out.

  • If texting your loved one while he's at work, be aware that it IS work. He may not be able to just drop everything and text you back right away.

  • Also, his boss may see him checking his cell about 10 times in a meeting and get mad.

  • Tone is very hard to read in a text, or across the internet for that matter. Try to avoid sarcasim or things that could be misunderstood. Nothing will wreck a sweet gesture faster then someone thinking you were being mean or had an agenda.
If you DONT have a cell phone, there are sites on the internet that you can use to text from for free. I'll list them in the links section.

The most important thing about texting, and about pretty much all aspects of a LDR, is have fun. Enjoy your time with your S.O. and share your day with them. Make sure they know you want them to still be a part of it, even though it's miles away.

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