Tuesday, May 5, 2009

... Trust ...

Trust. Another of the foundations of a healthy relationship, LDR or otherwise. Hand in hand with Honesty, Trust is vital for your relationship to last. Also, along with Honesty, its often one of the hardest things to work on. I don't think you'll ever meet someone who hasn't had their trust betrayed in some way. It hurts. It stings. And often times, it scars. Speaking as someone who has had their trust... well... tested, I know how hard it is to trust someone with your heart. But that's what relationships are all about. Tearing down walls, and allowing someone special in.

I don't trust often. And I don't trust well. And I'm honest about it. I've built walls around sections of my life and I DO NOT let people in. I have booby traps upon booby traps on these walls. Defence mechanisms that trigger when someone gets too close. I've had to be honest about these as well.

If you are looking at a long distance relationship, I suggest you take a LONG look at your trust factor. Not being with your loved one means you need to trust them. Ever have plans with your S.O cancelled last minute? Ever wonder if there's a reason you don't know about? Now imagine that in a LDR. A missed phone call or web chat. It can easily happen. Something comes up at work, or maybe it's just been a long day, and your partner needs to catch up on some sleep. Are you able to handle that without freaking out? If the answer is no, then I would take a long hard look at your options before venturing into a long distance relationship.

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