Friday, October 30, 2009

and the Fabby results

For those of you who REFUSE to read back... here's the jist.

These two awesome blogger chicks Cheapskate and DiPaola put on this GREAT contest/challenge called Drabby to Fabby. Which is a really awesome way to encourage us other bloggers to take a few min. for ourselves. Which we could all stand to do. AND in the process of feeling good about ourselves,, we get a chance to win SWAG!!!!!

So today's challenge was to show us at our drabbiest. :P I decided to take pics of the house... being mid move for 6 months is hard!! Boxes everywhere as you sort through, trying to decide what can get packed, what wont. What you can chuck and what you'll need till move day.

Check back to my last post Drabby to Fabby is here again, to see pictures of the Drabby side of my move.

Below you will find the Fabby side... and no... the laundry STILL isn't folded. And now there's FIVE loads!! Eeps!


  1. Great job, wanna come to my house and help me? :)

  2. Great Cakes! Quite Creative.
    I don't do anything outside of a loaf, bundt, or regular round cake pan! Lol...

    Popping in from SITS!

  3. Looks awesome! I have the hardest time keeping our bedroom clean! For some reason that seems to be my Room of Doom and easy to ignore, but I'm working on it!