Friday, October 30, 2009

Drabby to Fabby is here AGAIN!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Alright!! Its Friday!!!

My dog... my wonderful lovable goofball decided that at 6:15, when he heard my dad get up to take out the last bag of garbage before the truck came, that it was HIS time to be up too. My dog does not sleep in. He's worse then the kids on a Saturday morning! So when I heard the first "chuff"... you dog owners know what I'm talking about.. not quite a bark, but louder then a sigh... its translation in my house is "Anyone up?", I ignored him. I managed to go until 6:30 before the barking was enough that I was worried it would wake munchkin. So out he went, and I threw a load of laundry in. I actually feel quite proud as there's now a load in the washer, one in the dryer, and the alarm clock (iPod) hasn't given its horrible morning crow yet.

So I unplug my laptop and head into the washroom to catch up on some reading (I know!! TMI!! But there's not one of us who hasn't done it!! McHubby, The Oldest Boy, and even McPoppy have all been seen carting their laptops into the "Office" so I've converted :P) I log in, and head over to Cheapskate, and see that she's put out a challenge.

What is it with me and this woman? She puts out a challenge and I jump!!! I can't wait to do it and until I do, I'm consumed by thoughts of it! So her challenge this week? (taken from her blog... but you'd know that if you clicked the fabby link above...) "I think it would be fun to just do a Drabby post. Are you up for it? So this week I am asking you to show me your Drabbiest side and link back"

I gotta tell you... early mornings... as much as I complain... kinda rock my world... I feel like I get a lot accomplished (hence the laundry) and it feels good! I don't really feel drabby today. I feel like I'm kinda rockin' Fabby! Sure I haven't showered in 4 days, and brush has neither touched my hair or teeth yet this am... but... I feel Fabby. So... what to do... I love participating in the Drabby to Fabby's... I can't skip it!! So as I sit there, I look around the bathroom wondering what I could do... and my eye's rest on... THIS...
My sink.. well... it's in there somewhere. And instantly my Drabby to Fabby for the week is born. I've got energy to burn (right now) and this is a project that is screaming to be done.
For those of you who DIDN'T read back when you first joined up... I have Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies that manifest themselves during times of stress. Obviously by looking around my house... I have not been feeling stressed in a while... (click the link... you know you want to... just... finish reading here first... one task at a time please :P)
So... I don't know if it counts towards an actual D2F entry, but my Drabby to Fabby this week is my house. Having it clean, organized and packed IS time to myself because a) I actually LIKE cleaning... shhh... don't tell McHubby!! b) Having everything neat and organized is ACTUAL therapy for me... when my place is chaos, you can bet my emotions are chaotic as well. I'll post Fabby pics when I'm done so you can see them, but for now... hold on to the edge of your seats. Cover the kids eye's... they don't need to see this.

Here is my drabby... welcome to the dark side...
(Launrdy baskets in my bathtub... with CLEAN laundry in them! I HATE folding clothes!)
(munchkins room from the door)
(Munchkin's dresser... and unmade bed... and.. sleeping cutie patootie)

(My Bedroom... Ugh the boxes!! When will they end?)


  1. My house SOOOOOO looks like that right now!!!!!
    Seriously! I'm not joking!!! But I'm also remoding!

  2. LOL this is too funny! It counts! :) When you feel a little OCD you are welcome to come here and fix up my place, haha

  3. Me thinks that sleeping patootie may not like said picture!!

    I have been known to buy a new laundry basket so I didn't have to put away clean clothes. (sad I know!!)

    Good luck on going Fab!

    Dirty Little Confessions

  4. @ mom - at least you have an excuse. I'd kill for a reason for my house to look like this... other then lazyness I mean.

    @Tamara - Woo Hoo!!! It counts!! :P

    @ MJ - I've already been given strict orders to remove said patootie from the internet... :P Thank goodness he's 7 and can't get to my blog without help. :P

  5. that TOTALLY counts.. mostly cuz it looks just like my house!!