Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ok... I'm asking for help. Because I'm at a loss for ideas.

My family this year is having a "homemade/second hand" Christmas. I'm not working right now, in getting ready for the move. My S-I-L is a stay at home mom, and my Bro was laid off from his job. So.. you can see the idea was to save some money. Which is great! We've made a couple trips to thrift stores, and have found some pretty sweet deals.

But here's the thing. I want to make something for the Nanny's and Poppy's. My parents are really special to Hayden, we've lived with them almost his entire life. And now this year, He has a whole new set of grandparents to make something for. Problem is... I have no idea what to make for them! Well that's not true.

For his grandmothers (Nanny's) Munchkin is making slinky Christmas card holders. You stretch out a slinky, put a weighted 1/2 a Styrofoam ball at each end, and decorate... very cute!! His Grandmothers are great, and ... they're grandmothers... come on.. easy!

For MY dad, he might make a paper weight, or a glasses case, we haven't really narrowed down what it will be yet, but there are tons of options out there. For McHubby's Dad (McPoppy?)... I just don't know!! There's been some tension with the family's merging, and so I want to make sure that this gift says "Your new grandson loves you" (because he does!! Hayden was enamoured by him right away!! and they've only met a few times) but I don't want to push it too much, because its still new.

There's also the fact that I want to knock this guys socks off. McHubby's male relatives are known for their sensitive side... I want this gift to touch him. :P AND the fact that I LOVE this guy also plays a big factor (I bet McHubby gets a big smile on his face reading that!) I do LOVE him. We worked together at our local church, He was my minister, my confidant, and... he's a carbon copy of McHubby. You know the duck under the covers on a rainy day with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate? THAT is the feeling my Father-In-Law puts out when he smiles. He's great. And I really want this gift to impress.

So... my crafty friends... and my male minded readers... I am looking for any and all ideas crafty. What can we make?

(Below My Parents)
(McNanny andMcPoppy)


  1. I bought an inexpensive calendar kit one year for my mom; put pictures of the kids for each month that matched that season. It was a huge hit and I think it cost around $10.

  2. There are inexpensive frames in craft stores that can be painted and / or you can glue things on them. Put a picture of the kid(s) inside and you've got a present grannies and grandpas love.

  3. I love the homemade coasters made on tiles. You could take pics of him and your kiddo and put them on them. If you are interested at all and don't know how to do it, just email me. I will be happy to explain how. They are really cute!!

  4. I love using words. One idea is to take a frame with a white mat. Then think of all of the words that describe what an amazing person he is, what he means to you. If you don't have nice handwriting, choose a nice font and put on your computer, print, cut, glue stick onto mat. Fill with a photo that would mean something to him. I've also had the kids draw pictures of what they love about grandparents and taken it to Kinkos or copy store to have it spiral bound. Like a story book. Have them write out what the picture is about, or you can help them. Hope that gives you something fun to think about. Holly at