Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Once upon a time...

I just got off the phone with McHubby. He's having a rough day today, so to make him smile, and to make you all make that barfy noise all people make when sappy-ness is involved, here's MY take on "Back in the day"

I moved to Toronto when I was 14. I was from small town nowhere-ville. My parents and I started going to church at a local church. The ministers there were friends of the family (and as of today.. my future in laws). I don't remember the exact day McHubby and I met. Neither of us do. Any memory I have from back then, he was just there.

I can't share our very first thoughts of each other, because... well... I try to keep the blog no higher then a 14AA rating. But... we met. And I was instantly enamoured by this older (gg) charming, smart, funny guy that I felt drawn to. We became fast friends, pretty much inseparable. I don't know if you remember back, but at 14 with this older guy laughing at your jokes, opening doors for you, its wasn't long before I had a MAJOR crush on my best friend. I jumped at any chance to be around him, so when he and his wife needed a baby sitter for their adorable little baby, I jumped at the chance. (Besides, I was already babysitting his brothers kids)

Fast forward a couple years, and its time for my best friend and his family to move. I was heartbroken. (A little more so then "just a friend" would be) But it was what he needed to do, and so we had one of the most painful goodbye's imaginable. We stayed in touch, but it was hard at times, strained.

Fast forward a couple more years. I've moved out on my own, working a great job, living with a HORRIBLE boyfriend who I thank for two things; Learning to block a left hook, and for an incredible little boy. I was holding my life together with duct tape, and hadn't spoken to my best friend in a while, when out of nowhere, the apartment intercom rang. It was him!! I ran out of the shower to answer it, and slipped.. smashing my head off the tub. But I didn't care!! My best friend was there. I jumped off the elevator, and there he was EXACTLY as I pictured 100's of times. We talked, and then went our separate ways again. That moment, that visit changed my life in so many more ways then he knows. I went upstairs broken hearted at having to say goodbye to him again, but reminded of the person I was. The person I had somehow lost along the way.

When my son was born, my best friend was living in Kingston. I was driving down to visit family and stopped in Kingston overnight. I stared at the phone in that hotel room for hours. We hadn't spoken since he visited, and there were so many things I wanted to say to him. I wanted him to meet my son, to know how seeing him that day changed my life. But I couldn't do it. I was afraid of any other things I might say to him to spoil this great friendship we had going.

He moved again. This time to another country and although staying friends was hard for both of us, its what we did. So when his marriage was coming to an end, I was there, supporting him and the boys in any way I could. I looked for a place for him to stay, I sent his resumes out, I even got him a volunteer position at the place I worked, so he wouldn't have to be alone all day long. My family opened their arms and house to him, embracing him in a way that his own family couldn't due to location.

Spending months and months like this, together all the time, sharing, talking, it brought back all the old feelings I had. Then one day while taking about local rumours (we all know what those are like, right?) we sort of said... well... what if we went on a date? and with that, I was hooked, ans with that, found all my dreams as a silly bratty teenager coming true.

When I think of where we were 16 years ago, and where we are now... 52 days till the wedding doesn't seem like a big deal. If I could wait 14 years for a first date, I can wait 51 for a hug.



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  2. What a great story! Love is always worth the wait :)

  3. That is such a sweet story. The good ones are worth the wait...

  4. It's a smart idea to call each other during the day, it's emotional food for each of us!