Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heartbreak hotel is CLOSED!!

I have three magnificent, funny, wonderful boys. BUT there's a problem. They are three HANDSOME boys. I can't begin to explain the terror that strikes in my heart. Shel doesn't get it... He thinks its funny, and often will ask the boys "You got a girlfriend yet?" and when the answer is no, "What?? Why not". Oh.My.Goodness. Don't encourage them!!!! Not about this!!! not yet!!

My 16 year old... 2nd day of school... in a new school, in a new city, in a new country, and he's rhyming off names of the cheerleaders asking if they can eat lunch with him. Girlfriends a month into his new school year!!

My 10 year old went back to the UK this summer with a Tiffany Necklace in his suitcase for his Girlfriend. 10!! TIFFANY!!! I don't own ANYTHING Tiffany!!

But it's OK... I still have my baby... my sweet adorable baby boy! Too young for girls. Last week, I, myself in a very professional manor administered his cootie shot!

On Friday, while out walking the dog, my son said "Momma, I have something private to tell you" (yep... that's why I'm sharing it on the Internet! :P) "You know how last week I told you about the 4 girls who said they had a crush on me?"

hmmm... "yeeeeeaaaahhhhhh...." (I don't think I like where this is going)

"Well, I have a crush on two of them!"

Stop. Breath. In. Out. Its easy.

"oh. What does that mean to you? having a crush on them?"

"It means.... um... well... I think it means... I feel... Ask dad, mama... I don't know how to explain it!"

So I left it... let the information sit for a while.

Today: "So Hayd, you know what you told me about those girls, is it still true?"

"Yeah... I totally like them"

"What does that mean?"

"I don't know"

"Is it like you want to play with them? Or you think about them? You want to spend time with them?"

-Giggle- "NO! Its MORE then that..."

more?? More??

"what do you mean?"

"It means I want to go on a date with them"

-Insert sound made as I faint and hit the floor-

"Um... and... whats a date?"

"It means I want to go to the movies with them.. And... take them for dinner"
-More giggles-


are you kidding me? And... McHubby, baby, man I Love... as you sit there... on our couch... laughing at my spaz over our boys growing up... Remember that one day much sooner then YOU'RE willing to deal with, there is going to be a little blond haired girl who runs up and says "Daddy, can I go with (Joe Blow) to the movies?" HA!!!

And... on a completely different note...

I've been a single mom for 6 years. (And it has SUCKED!!) and in that time, like most moms -single or otherwise- I've given up a LOT of my privacy. I tie shoes while going pee. My phone conversations are often punctuated with "TAKE THAT out of your mouth!!" or "Get down RIGHT NOW!" So... Correcting homework while I was in the bath usually not a big deal. But today... for some reason, I was aching for those 5 minutes of peace (An actual book I bought my son after he drove me nuts one too many times.) So when he came in for the 8,000,000 time to tell me about the Bakkagon fight we were going to have, or... whatever it was... I had it... so... I told him to come closer so I could whisper to him, and I grabbed him, and pulled him in... clothes and all! It's now 3 hours later, and he is STILL talking about it... lol.

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  1. The boys are WAY ahead of you. They always will be. Know it.