Monday, October 26, 2009

My Breakup With Monday

Dear Monday,

We both knew this was coming. We've argued for what seems like forever. You demanding that I MUST start my week your way. My pleading for you to stay away just a little bit longer.

I'm sure by now you know, there's been other days. Tuesdays, just for the simple fact that they weren't you. Thursdays seductive TV line up was too much to resist, although I tried.

But when it became clear that even my son was starting to detest you with cries of "No Momma!! Not Monday!", that I knew I had to stop the hate. (although I secretly loved his craving to spend more time with me)

I tried to embrace all the good things you represented. A new week. Most times, a new job. New alone time, new chance at a skipped diet, or a forgotten hobby. "I'll start Monday" I began to say. And in time, we grew together. We learned, not to love, but to accept the inevitability of our paths crossing.

This morning I woke up, not with an "UGH!! Monday!!" but with a "Hmm... I bet I can get a nap in today!" and we were great. I checked my email while I reflected over events past and future, for you have become my reflective day. I found in my email that you had brought me a token of our love, in the form of a contest win. You always did know my weakness. Through Captive Illusions Giveaways, you brought me a "Save The Hooters" Breast Cancer Awareness bag. One I had been looking for FOREVER!! And I read all this, and I remembered that we were great when we worked together.

Munchkin got ready for school without complaint, and embraced his own Monday. It was wonderful, us as a family. You, Me, Munchkin. I was in such a great mood that I decided to go out an pooper scoop before the lawn people came to cut the grass and rake our leaves. I smiled to myself as the crisp breeze swirled leaves around me, while I walked across the back lawn. Mondays are great, I thought. What else could I add to make this Monday even...

And then you got me!! Like I lion waiting to pounce, you and your deceitful promises were gone as my favorite WHITE sketchers slipped in a pile of poop hidden by a small pile of leaves. The air was no longer crisp, and as it turned cold and blew across me, I could hear your evil Monday laugh through the trees, mocking me, and my trusting nature.

So its enough. I can't take it anymore. Which is why we have to break up. I will try to think of our good times together, and wont speak ill of you in front of Munchkin. He's too easily influenced. I would also like to retain visiting rights for 9:30PM on Monday nights... Darn you Big Bang Theory with you're irresistible nerd humour! I will try to keep these visits civil.

Goodbye Monday!


  1. Save the hooters bag...LOL! Come on by for a visit. Holly at