Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I LOVE MAIL!! (and other randomness of the day)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when out of the blue I'll get an email from an old friend, a post on my facebook and NOW comments here... I love it. I love when my middle son logs onto the computer at 2AM (7AM his time) and says "HI!" and then 5 seconds later "Gotta go!" because it means he was thinking about me. I LOVE that my oldest son pops on line and will randomly go "You OK?" because he's thinking about me. But.. obviously, my FAVORITE person to get random acts of "thinking!" is McHubby. And BOY is he good at it!! We've actually got our own speed code for letting each other know we're "thinking". It's LMNWAF (Love, Miss, Need, Want, Always, Forever). I'm running out the door to pick up munchkin from school, so I'll text him "L" and then go.... If he's having a sad moment, He'll email me "M" and that's all I need to know its a bad day for him. After more then 1/2 a year apart, we know how important it is to let the other know we're thinking about them. That's why its ALWAYS extra special when one of us gets a Nicey.

I run to the mail every day and check... just in case. Our mailman thinks I'm a little... off balance. More times then not, there's nothing for me.. but that's OK.. because McHubby, he's a planner... lol. He plots different ways to surprise me... and then... pounces. So yesterday, when I see the UPS truck pull up, I could have wet myself, I was so excited! I met him at the truck!

I flip over the box before I open it (just in case there's some clue as to what it is...) And on the back in faded lettering I see the words "WOLFGANG PUCK"... ARE YOU kidding me?!???!??!??
... Right now as McHubby is reading this, he's laughing. Aren't you baby? Because he knows whats coming...

Monday night, while on the computer with McHubby, there's an infomercial (Insomnia has taught me 2 things 1- Infomercials are AWESOME!! and 2- The president of my local bank made a very wise choice when he declined my application for a credit card) So... the infomercial is for Wolfgang Puck's electric cookie press. So I'm watching, and Chatting, and I say "This is so cool! I want one!! "

I realized my mistake right away!! I EVEN tried to fix it!! "Shel, Don't buy it for me! You can buy it for me at some point, but not right now!" -We're trying to get some saving done before Babies come, trying to be smart about it- But I found out last night, that as I was pressing enter on that post telling him not to buy it, he was pressing "Process Payment".

You'd think I'd learn. We went shoe shopping this summer, and I said "Baby, I can't pick which pair of shoes I like better. What do you think?" He helped me pick a pair, and then sent me on my way with the kids to another store while he paid. Voila... both pairs of shoes ended up in the back of the car... How'd that happen?

Back when McHubby and I were "JUST FRIENDS" I was talking to him one night and told him how much I loved "Skinny Pigs". Just random friends sharing how their day was, and mine included meeting my first Skinny. Fast forward a few month later, and McHubby - then McFriend- had moved back to Canada and was helping me celebrate my birthday. He gave me a cupcake/cake transporter. (I love to bake!!) and then tells me to sit down and not peek. Out wheels "Freddie" my heart, my joy, my Skinny Pig. You'd think by now, I should know to keep my mouth shut.

I was checking out a new blog today, and Heather @ Mindless Junque had posted previously about her dream Christmas. No holds barred, money not an issue Christmas.

I want to do that!! Just for fun!!! But this post had to come first. The one where I PUBLICLY say "Sheldon Maxwell Feener, DO NOT buy any of these things for me!!!!! This is a FOR FUN post, and in no way represents any of my REAL desires for Christmas!!!"

OK. With that out of the way, check back in a few hours, and I'll have my wish list ready. And maybe McHubby will have stopped pouting :P


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  1. LOL!!!! Well, at least he doesn't have to forget about things you would eventually love to get!!! You must do a post on how this cookie press works!