Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday?? TUESDAY?? (that's all I got...)

It doesn't feel like it should be Tuesday. Maybe because I haven't slept yet. For the 5th night in a row, I am having trouble getting my eyes to close and stay closed when its time for beddy-bye. It's also the start of day 6 of my new vegan lifestyle. Coincidence? God I hope so, or I am going to be mighty cranky by the time I'm 31. Who am I kidding? I'm going to be mighty cranky by lunchtime!

My brain is a little foggy today, so I may have to come back and do a second post translating this gobbly-guk into coherent thoughts. (just to warn you)

So what did I do last night when I couldn't sleep? Did I finish my new book? No.. because I'm kinda having trouble getting into it. Did I flip through my new cookbook? No... because I've got the thing practically memorized. So what did I do? I went over to my pal Cheapskate's blog, and followed her contest links. So... 135 contests later, I'm hoping to win... SOMETHING. McHubby wins EVERYTHING!! If there's a contest, he will win. It's part of what I call "The family curse" his entire family is good at EVERYTHING they set their mind to. It drives me nuts as one of the less fortunate "Normals" but... that's a whole other post...

So... with 135 contests, I hope to win something so I can say... "Oh you like this? I won it... in a Contest" I can imagine going to a fancy dress ball (do they even still have those outside of royalty in England?) and someone saying "Darling, I simply must know.. where did you get those earrings?" and the chance to say "These? oh... I won them... in a Contest". Taking my new yoga mama yoga mat to preggers yoga, and saying... "This old thing? Contest." Not to mention the rule in our family this year is NO buying Christmas gifts... everything we give must be either homemade, or second hand, or free... so Contest swag would give me a pretty good Santa Sac this year.

So.. 3am rolled around AGAIN and I decided I had entered enough of the contests. But I suggest you head on over to Tip Junkie and check it out... 70+ contests there alone!! WOW!!!

So what is the plan for today? Well, I have to head out and get munchkin some winters boots, because Jack Frost has been paying us a visit the last few nights. I also need to pick up a few Halloween decorations to complete the look for the outside of the house. Aside from that, I will probably try to sneak in a nap... and maybe watch The Proposal again. (But it makes me cry, because that's how I want my in laws to act when I come to visit... but... well... they're different :P) I'm taking my mom and the dog for a walk... um... er... I mean my mom is coming with me to walk the dog... and then I think I'll ... OMG is that a personalized Noah Baby Boutique Diaper bag I could win??? Did I really miss that on SITS ?? I HAVE TO GO!!!


  1. I usually will enter contests and never win. My daughter won a pack of tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium when she was 4, we were pretty stoked on that.

  2. We never win anything either. If we do, it's something like a coupon that I'll never use! Good luck on your contests!

  3. 135 contests! Are you kidding? That is hilarious and hard to believe. I don't even try. Good for you! I'm getting a great vibe. Cheers, Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  4. Oh...forgot I wanted to pass on a blog for you to check out. She is brand new to me, but I really like her already. She has a small new following, and I just thought of you when I read her post today. Go there and see what you think. http://tiffany-ontheverge.blogspot.com

  5. Visiting from SITS. I just started today, so trying to get the hang of SITS. Anyways, Insominia, yikes and contest mania. Well, Good Luck on winning. I have to admit I have not been sucked into contests yet but I am sure I will be heading down that lane soon and Good Luck on getting some sleep. That one I have experienced, lack of sleep is no fun,no fun at all.

  6. @ tattoo - I know! My son entered a draw at school last year and we won a family pass to the Science Center, which we used when his dad came to visit and we were broke.. THAT was just awesome timing... but again.. he won... not me.. If I touch the ballot, its a fail for sure.

    @ Mom - Congrats for saying it out loud. The Karma gods were obviously listening. Hope you enjoy your new camera strap!! :):)

    @ Holly - I checked her out.. pretty cool!! and I am def. a follower :)

    @ Lucy - Thanks for the visit. I'm new to SITS too, can't wait to check out your blog... in fact, I'm headed there..... now!

  7. I never win either. Well....no,I was right. I've never one a thing. Good luck to you! And thanks for following...I'm following you back.