Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Spaz!

Jon and Kate... Jon and Kate... I HATE HATE HATE Jon and Kate!! You have 8 great kids! Congrats! TV worthy? Not so much.

In the US in 2003 there were over 136,000 multiple human births. Each one of these little babies are precious, each one an amazing gift... News worthy? Sure. Every birth should be. TV series, free trips to Disney and Oprah worthy? Come on.

Divorce happens. Its hard, its heartbreaking, its dirty, its life changing. News worthy? Come on!!
I know more about Jon and Kate then I EVER needed to. Sadly, these kids are going to grow up and know more about them then they ever needed to know.Kids don't need to know about girlfriends, boyfriends, affairs, money stealing, lies, and all the other stuff being reported DAILY about this couple.

Type Jon and Kate into your google bar. 41,400,000 results!! Is that REALLY necessary?

How many of you have heard of Tuesday Whitt?

Tuesday is an adorable, strong,life changing toddler, daughter to two amazingly strong parents. Sister to two playful brothers, and one devoted twin sister. Tuesday passed away from neuroblastoma in January.

You can read her family's story. How her mom and dad get through the day. How they continue to honour Tuesday, how they support each other, how they support other families of children who are suffering from pediatric cancers.

Read back through a few posts, and tell me why families like these are left to their own Journey's. I know that some parents who lose their children may want to be left out of the spotlight to handle their grief in their own way, to blend in and not be "that family". And I support them 100%. But how can a child die, how can cancers be stealing these little lights from our world, and the world not be crying?!? The headlines on the day Tuesday passed away? Chicken Wing Shortage on Super Bowl Sunday. Obama's Half Brother gets arrested. Brittney Spears granted restraining order.

THESE are the families we should be celebrating, supporting, learning from. Not TV reality stars slinging mud at each other!!

Read about Tuesday. Get to know her and her family. Support them. Pray for them. Tell OTHERS about them. THESE are water cooler conversations that will change things.... Not who dumped who for how much and current court proceedings.


  1. Real support for real people, not celebs, I agree.

  2. I love your post.

    Enough already with Jon and Kate I agree. I can't stand those two immature, full of themselves "celebrities". They exploited their family life as much as they could.

    It is heart-wrenching to here stories about children like Tuesday and their families. That's what people need to see...not Jon&Kate, Heidi&Spencer and all the other so called celebrities without talent, real problems and tragedies.