Thursday, November 12, 2009

Better then ME???

"That's a great idea but... I have a better one"

"I know you love doing_________ so I wanted to show you how I was doing it... better then you"

"Oh you're doing that? I think that I'll do it to... better then you"

Do you have these people in your lives? I seem to be surrounded by them lately. (I'm not talking that rival from high school I'm talking abut CLOSE family and Friends!!) I take on a project, and instantly I have 3 other people doing them with me. No matter what it is. (I don't intend to get into examples of WHAT these idea stealer's group projects are because my blog is linked to my facebook, where my idea stealer's friends and family can click and view any time they want.

Sufficed to say there are people in my life who seem to take the things I find joy in, and make it either sound dumb, or beneath what they can do. Its infuriating and hurtful, and I'm not in a place where I'm comfortable telling these people to shove it that they are hurting my feelings by making my things about them, or by making it seem like I can't do it.

This is one of the reason's McHubby and I decided on the whole almost no one attending the wedding. NO family members except for our kids. NO friends except for people who have done nothing but support us. People who showed even the slightest frown or "Hmm" at our relationship got their names scratched off the guest list.

I can't wait to be on our own. To be our own family. I know it will be hard with all my family in a different country, and all of McHubby's family a few states away, but I have to be honest, that's part of the appeal to me. A chance for me to be my own woman. The co-head of my own household. MY menu playing, MY grocery buying (hello Organic and free-range foods, how I've missed you!!) MY cleaning schedule, and MY parenting (well... co parenting... but you get the idea). I am excited!! I really am!! No one to offer criticism suggestions on my parenting skills WHILE I'm trying to parent, no one to try and top my adventure of the day, no one to mutter under their breath oh so quietly that I shouldn't be doing something the way I am!

I'll make mistakes. I'll be too harsh on something one of the kids do, and to lenient on another. I'll feed them crap for dinner one night because I was too tired, and my kids may have to poke and prod at me for clean underwear once or twice. But... it'll be OK, because I'll be my own person, my own woman and what an awesome day that is going to be!!!

On a totally related different topic, some of you may remember my idea for a wedding cake last week. Well I've changed my mind. I was packing and found the Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set that I bought and never used. It looks great, the instructions sound super easy, and it should be a no brainer. I'm going to do a test run of the cake late next weak (when the budget allows for the dry run) and I'll do you up a nice review :)

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  1. I would hate to have people around critiquing everything, glad you're getting away!