Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Code language.

McHubby and I talk in code... I'm sure as parents, you have too.

When the eldest was little, the rules were no P-O-P before B-E-D. We used to spell our conversations to avoid little ears repeating. That stopped working. With our boys getting older (16,10,7) it became impossible to talk in secret. So we started using French. Worked great for our boys, but my nephews are all in french-immersion. As a last resort, we started using "Ung". Ung is a wonderful language that takes a little getting used to, but for the little spellers in the family, its proved very useful.

It goes something like this. You take a word, and you put "ung" after every consonant. and then you say the vowels properly. For example... My name is Sharon. In "ung" it reads (say it just how it looks) Sung-Hung-a-Rung-o-Nung. Cat would be Cung-a-tung. Now we have smart kids. A little too smart at times. They've started sounding out the UNG. So McHubby and I have had to get creative. We now speak in "Ung" backwards. (tung-a-cung for cat).

I love that hubby have our own secret language, but it's not just Ung. We are school yard talkers. Maybe its just us. Maybe its that we're both social workers, so observing our environment is something that we're trained to do. Or maybe we're just nosey. Whatever it is, when we're in the school yard, we talk about the activities of the other parents.

There's Psycho Dad, perv in that need to take a shower after he's talked to me invading personal space to chat about... I don't know because I tune him out after he offered me a workout CD one day suggesting maybe I could use it more then him.

Super mom is the mom that I almost punched in the face had a heated discussion with after she called my son a liar (check THIS post out for more on Super Mom)

"Dude with the shaved Golden", "Snobby mom" "Bully kid's mom", these speak for themselves

Cell phone lady is from the pack of after school babysitters. She is ALWAYS on her cell phone, including the day she smashed into our car, causing 3 grand in damages and we were involved in a fender bender.

But perhaps our favorite is "Shawn Micheal" so named for the rank mullet striking resemblance to the wrestler Shawn Micheals.

Munchkin has made friends with Shawn Micheals' son, and we all walked home from school together yesterday. We saw what was either a beaver or a muskrat. My vote was on muskrat due to the lack of the typical beaver tail, and Shawn Micheals vote was beaver. So I'm on the phone with McHubby last night

"Scott thinks it was a beaver but I really don't think it was."

"Who is Scott?"

"Oh baby, you know... Shawn Micheals!"

Do you have code names for people or things so the kids don't know what you're talking about?


  1. We have to talk code all the time! And have to switch it up all the time too!

    BTW: I added a link for reporting!!!

  2. Ok...Ung language...impossible! Did you ever watch Zoom (the kids show)? Could never speak that language either. So funny. Holly at LLL

  3. Oh, I have always wished we could have a grown-up language! We've been together for nearly 12 years, so we don't usually have to complete our sentences for the other one to understand. We do have names for some people we know and don't like, too.

  4. Oh, help...we gave up on that a long time ago...now we just give each other a look that means we know we need to talk without ears listening.