Wednesday, November 4, 2009

♪ You'll be the Prince I'll be the Princess ♪

45 days... in 45 days I will say goodbye to this existence I've been passing time in, and I will start living! This wonderful life planned from before the first hello, the first tear and before the first goodbye.

It's crazy when I stop to actually think about it. I got together with my best friend since grade 9 this week, and we went through her wedding albums, over my flowers, her dress, my wedding dress (which was her dress) and I looked at the pics of her and her husband and I kinda went... WOW that's going to be me!! and I couldn't picture it... the white dress, the flowers, I just couldn't see it.

McHubby is now probably hyperventilating after reading that so I should probably clarify. I can see our lives together. I can see getting up in the mornings and making breakfast. I can picture family dinners, and movie nights. I can picture every aspect of our happily ever after. But the ceremony... the posed pictures... that's where I'm having trouble.

Deciding to "elope" for our wedding was at one point a tough choice. But I was reminded a couple of times this week that it really is the right choice for us. Between people wanting to "help" by doing things their way, or by imposing their opinions on us, and the formality of a "normal" wedding... I know that our wedding will be everything we've wanted it to be :)

BUT... what about the presents?!?!?!?!?!?


  1. aww!!how exciting! I eloped with my sons Dad! It was fun to us and I will never forget it! Wishing you all the best!!

  2. Hee hee hee...I'm filled with excitement for you! Come on by today. It's one of those posts I'm super proud of. I know you will love it, judging by those amazing videos you put together a few weeks back. I want my friend to see it. Holly at

  3. wow the countdown, have the best best time for the rest of your lives.

  4. All the best!! The one piece of advice I'd give any bride is to do it YOUR WAY! The things about my wedding that still bug me(and it's been 12 years)are the things that other people insisted I had to have that I didn't want. Enjoy your countdown too--it'll get here so fast!