Friday, December 4, 2009

Help Help me Rhonda...

OK so I don't really want help from someone named Rhonda... or not JUST Rhonda.

We've finally booked our photographer... Being the PHoTo taker that I am, THIS was a hard call. I am THE person at EVERY event with my camera. Snapping away at those moments that others always think.. wow... if only I had my camera. That's me!!! I've got mine!! :D

So... we've got someone who we love, because she took our last batch. She's a friend of mine... I actually used to be her boss :P So... when those picture ideas come up that make you think "I don't really like that idea" I've got no problem with telling her. And she with me, with my crazy ideas, I can expect a "No Sharon, that's dumb" LOL.

So now comes an even tougher part. WHAT pictures do I want?

If you're anything like me, along your facebook/photo bucket/blog travels, you see pictures that make you think "Hmm.. I wish I had a picture like that".

What are those pictures for you? The treasured ones that you could look at for hours? or the ones you see and think DARN I wish I had thought of that?

I've used it before, but here is one of my FAVORITE wedding pictures I've seen... too bad Niagara falls will be too cold for this one...

1 comment:

  1. Personally, I would tell her to just go with it. Those are usually the BEST pictures. I'm not a huge fan of staged people photography. Don't like being the subject, and won't shoot the subject like that unless that is what they want. Posed to me leaves too much room for dislikes.

    Just my opinion.