Sunday, January 3, 2010


The UCK has hit my house too!! Munchkin and I had to leave church this AM after the first song, and lucky we did because we almost didn't make it to the nearest trash can!

He's feeling better right now, but school registration is tomorrow AM, so we'll see how that goes over. Thankfully it sounds like he'll just be in for registration, and then starting on Tuesday, so I still get a chance to learn the route, and get over whatever is hitting both of us!

Can I just ask you, all my American friends, why you never mentioned the marvelous wonder that is Therma Flu? I took it this AM after church, and it was like drinking some pretty strong booze punch. My body got warm and tingly, and the room started to do this fuzzy slow motion thing when I turned my head, and within minutes, I was out cold!! I woke up feeling 10000% better, except the Stomach portion of this UCK is lingering. The good news is that the whole "loose a person" I committed to doing this year may happen a whole lot quicker if the UCK stays another day.

Speaking of, I stepped on the scale yesterday. I'm a whole lot closer to a number I NEVER thought I'd be in my LIFE, and it scared the diet into me! Bad news, I'm an emotional eater, and my family is facing a WHOLE pile of emotion as McEldest prepares to move back "Home".

Pray that everything goes well for Munchkin tomorrow, and that things become clearer for McEldest, and for all of us as a family as life curve ball #9 hits.

I'm off to make McOfficiallyHubby watch his 5th episode of Bridezilla. I figure if he sees all the craziness these women channel, my antics wont seem so bad :P

I promise to drop by and comment on everyone soon. I know I've been a bad bad commenter, but life is slowly starting to get into a routine here.


  1. We have the Uck here too. My daughter was puking on New Years Eve, and now I have it...BLECH!

  2. Oh man! Feel better soon! I don't like medicine, so the idea of swallowing a medicine-y drink...BLAH!

  3. I hope you're both feeling better soon. No good having the crud.

    Take care and get some rest.

  4. Hope the UCK goes away soon- and yes, TheraFlu is amazing! I like the berry menthol one (I know, sounds gross but it's the only one I can gag down).

  5. Feel better. So sorry you are ill. Happy New Year...Holly

  6. I hope you guys feel better soon! Dropping by from SITS to say, "hello". Best wishes in 2010.

    Kindest regards,