Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Was *NOT* In The Air Yesterday....

ok... so yesterday's post was a flop.  I wanted to join in on the fun that is Travis,and a post that had my family in stitches had others... well.. not laughing.. lets go with that. Apparently not the best day for me to join roll call over at SITS.  And thank goodness I have that little "email me" button over at the side, so it was so much easier fof my inbox to fill with hate mail.  Let me just go on record as saying I am *not* a sicko who makes lightly of losing a child. As a mom who's uterus aches for more babies, who spots tattoo's that celebrate the gestational life of two miscarried little souls who touched my lives without ever being born, yesterday's post was not the insensitve "piece of garbage" that some apparently assumed it was.  I changed that thing 5 darn times and still as I crawled into bed at 10:30 was getting comments on the fact that it was just that.  Some of you may have missed the original post, which is fine, because it probably means there were actually a couple of you out there I didn't offend... but... today is a new day, and I'll hit on a new topic that CAN'T be all that bad!!

Valentines day!

I have had 1 good Valentines in my entire life!  ONE... Out of 30!!!

Those are NOT good odds!

Last year McHubby and I had the fight to end all fights, and to almost end everything else!! It was, hands down, the WORST valentines day ever! (Please don't be sad McHubby!! I love you, and that was forever ago.  But... I'm pretty sure you'd agree too... that was a BAD day!)

Usually as soon as I flip that calander over to February, I am transported to this Anti-Hallmark person who curses fabricated holidays, and grumbles everytime she see's a foil heart or little dancing baby with arrow.

THIS year... my heart aches for a great day. For a day with my husband that leaves me breathless (dirty minds!) and instills in me again the love of all things powdery and puffy.

Last night, while tending our farms on facebook, I told him I wanted an all out cheesey valentines and he looked up from the farm and said "On farmville?" I'm pretty sure me saying I wanted ANYTHING to do with valentines day threw him off.  He knows that usually I curse the day to anyone who mentions it, and walk around like eeyore with a cloud over my head until the day passes.

So here's my dilema, and I bet its one you can all relate to on some level.  I want big... sweet.. chocolatey... stuffed... mush!!  BUT... I want it because McHubby wants to give it to me... not because I told him I want it.  I want, when I said I wanted the cheesiest Valentines ever, for his wheels to start turning, for ideas to pop into his head that he can just run with.  But... this being OUR first REAL valentines where the holiday hasn't been black listed.... How will he know what I mean? Don't get me wrong. McHubby is AMAZING at figuring out just the right way to make me happy, to make me smile.  But this is new territory for us...

Do I tell him I want 1, 2, 3,.... Do I let him figure it out, and then be sad if it wasn't what I expected? Is there some happy medium?


I want these...

and enough of these...

So I can do this...

I want enough of these...

for my house to look like this...

and my ceiling to look like this...

Because its the first year I haven't wanted this....

**McHubby!! DO not Take the amounts literally... PLEASE!! Well... maybe the chocolate one... :P


  1. Brilliant, SITStah! What is it about February 14th that gets us all so twisted. Poor little Cupid. Hey, in case you're interested, I've written something to help you and your hubby get through the day in a new way. Can't hurt - might help. Check it out here "How to Avoid the Greeting Card Version of Valentine's Day on eHOW.com (tried,but can't seem to leave the link here) you might try www.ehow.com/_5964244

    anyhoo...you're delightful! Glad to meet you on my SITStah journey.

  2. the husband and i aren't big on Vday, but one thing i have learned in general in marriage is, if you want/need something, ask for it. husband's aren't mind readers and need our help. i say, tell him what you want and be happy he listens... :)

  3. I give very obvious hints, that aren't hints but more I want this...he doesn't listen. He did tell me that he is done with his shopping this year. That impresses me, as he usually goes out the night before to shop!

  4. I can't help, we're pretty un-romantic in the typical sense. I think you should let him do what he feels is romantic- if you don't get what you want, buy it yourself ;)

  5. Yea, I never get into Valentine's day either. However, I still like the chocolate.
    I've noticed that my hubby isn't into hints. I have to tell him what I want. "I want a lot of chocolate!"