Monday, February 15, 2010


I made it through the Valentines Weekend!! And it was awesome!! 

McHubby took note of my blog requests, and made the weekend incredible.  You already know about the doll house,  but that wasn't all.

I got a Hallmark DVD card, which I loved because McHubby isn't the photo-montage-creating type, so it meant all the more.

There were balloons, flowers, a teddy bear, chocolates, sappy movies (OMG the Time Travellers Wife made me cry like a baby!) Twilight themed Candy hearts, and some sexy time bible study gifts.

It was all out Cupid's love den in our house, and it was incredible!!

However, the overload of chocolate has left me with a problem. (yeah, I couldn't spell delema, and couldn't find spellcheck... deal with it...) McHubby and I fast every year for lent... not the whole sun up to sun down thing, but all out fasting... 24/7, 40 days per year.  We drink all natural fruit juices and water. and thats it. P.E.R.I.O.D.

(This is our supply for the next week. We'll see how long it lasts)

So all this chocolate I got? it has to be gone by 12AM Wednesday, or it has to sit for 40 days.  I'm all for stuffing my face with chocolates for the greater good, but the problem is all that sugar in my bloodstream, the added caffine, it will all turn and flow that first fasting day and have me begging for food by breakfast time the first day. NOT ideal.

Do you think if I freeze it, The Eldest One will eat it all?


  1. glad you had a great vday--and you can send some of that chocolate right over here!

  2. I'm so glad that you had a great day! Freeze it, in the very back of the freezer!!! My kids never find my stash!

  3. Wow! I agree. Hide that chocolate in the back of the freezer and save it. : )

  4. I would freeze it and mark it "Laxatives, do not touch" and guaranteed, no one will touch it for the 40 days.