Sunday, November 15, 2009

Because I not-so-secretly envy you

I'm jealous of you. All of you and your product reviews, your giveaways, contests, and your sweet sweet product testing.

I went so far as to google product reviews the other day. So I could learn the secret of giving away blog love swag too! And do you know what I found from my google search? Sweet spam mail nothing. The one site I did find that listed the one helpful tip I could find was to start off by reviewing things I had around the house.

I'm moving! Boxes scattered everywhere! Anything good I had is already in VA. All that's left are my camera and my broken piece of crap laptop. Hmm ...

Here for your reading pleasure is my review of the HP Notebook series G60 review.

The HP Notebook G series from the outside looks like most every other laptop out there today. (with the exception of the very rustic commodore 64 throwback that is the MAC)

Consumers who purchase the HP Notebook G series will be glad to know it has a flippidy-do ram memory with 1 zillion gb of flin-flan and a graphic package of Who-ee calories per bite. Or is it bites per serving?

HP comes with some great features that will help you along the way.

Messy keys! It happens to the neatest of us. The munchkins are playing a game on our laptop and crumbs find their way in between the keys. Or your overly furry pet is basking in the warmth of your laptop and their fur finds it's way in between your keys. HP has come up with an excellent way to solve that problem.

With keys "O" "L" and "." removed, your access to cleaning away the crumbs and unwanted pet hairs can become much easier.

A state-of-the-art sound card allows you to watch the best pirated movies out there. But HP once again has gone that step further. While watching your illegal copy of Paranormal Activity you can count on the sound being enhanced by what seems to be an extra piece of plastic floating around and hitting the fan inside your laptop. What a great way to really get involved in the movie.
Always find yourself running late? Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the HP Notebook G series is the fact that the internal clock falls back 3 hours roughly once every two days. Another great thing about THIS feature is that there's no need for you to turn it on. This seems to be a feature that is activated from day One of your purchase.

But the piece d'resistance is probably the incredible customer service you receive. HP really goes above and beyond. They know how frustrating early morning deliveries can be, having to get dressed and prepared. They know how pesky those company calls can be so they forgo them for your convenience, often shipping your package in accordance either the tidal pull of the moon or the earths gravitational rotation. Having trouble breaking free from farmville's evil grasp? An important assignment for work that you just need more time to finish? HP recognizes those needs and accommodates them as best they can, in my case shipping the needed replacement part 3 weeks after it was requested. Taking care of all those pesky blogging, sleeping and communicating issues I was suffering from.

**Note... I cannot promise that your HP Notebook G series will have these same features as mine. These are just the wonderful added bonuses my family found after the 3 HP Notebooks that we purchased and reviewed. If you purchase one and find that yours does not live up to the review posted, then ... well.. give it a few months, I bet you'll see these great features and more pop up in yours.

OK... So it may not get me products to review, but at least I was able to share with you my rewarding exsperience :) and yep... that's my actual keyboard with the missing keys! ALL the ailments listed above have occurred in my NEW laptop since March. However to send it back means I loose everything on it, including my 30G of pictures. :s

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  1. *lol* Thank you for sharing. I have a laptop and so far so good. Having some of the keys missing must make the laptop a snap to clean. :)

  2. It does sucks when you laptop breaks. Thank goodness for iPhones.

    Love the pictures especially the NO SERVICE. I feel like that so many times we eat out.

  3. Ohhhh, that sucks! The best way to find out where to do product reviews, if you really want to do them is to go the sites that do them and look on their side bars and click on some of the spots, like PR friendly. Those are places you can sign up.

  4. I'm sure you'll get lots of good ideas for how to do giveaways and reviews from this. I don't do them or enter least not yet. Lee is right...I've seen them on blog side bars. Keep your eyes open. Have a great day. Holly:)

  5. My brother HAD an HP......he had all sorts of issues! He ended up wiping it clean, and on one of his last missions, sent it to it's water grave! LOL! He sticks to Toshiba now!

    Sorry you are having problems with yours. Hope you find something better soon. I think I may have some product review sites on my side bar that scrolls...with that said, they have been there for about 2 months now and I have not gotten anything more than a welcome email. :( Let me know if you find anything.

  6. I've got to admit I love that review of your hp.