Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I want for Christmas is a big fat list!

I'm not a New Years resolution person.  I think making a resolution for myself is just setting up for failure.  You come out of the gate like a race horse on New Years day, and by Jan 31st, I'm hurtin'!

So I'm not making resolutions this year.

I'm making lists.

Things I'd like to have done, but.. not a MUST... so.. its like a relaxed suggestion
(YES! there ARE differences between lists and resolutions! I swear!!)

So whats on my list for this year?

* Loose a person.  I am the weight of two healthy individuals trapped in one unhealthy body.  NOT cool!  McHubby has picked my up a treadmill, we've now got an eliptical, and a boxing bag.  I'm doing the cooking, the shopping, and the menu planning, so no more excuses!!

* my 30G's of pictures. I love them, and they're organized into pretty little folders, but...  a folder maked Hayden, for 7 years of pictures, still makes things hard to find.  I'd like to have them organized, AND I'd like a CD with them on.. well... LOTS of CD's to cover the 30G.

* I'm going to start the 52 week challenge in January.  Don't know what that is?  Check here...

*Teach Bernie 3 new tricks... Which ones? I don't know.  He's got a cuple down.  Sit, lay down, paw, high 5, turn around, touch, quiet, Baby (which means get his toy), and Who's baby are you? (Where he licks my nose when I ask him).  We're working on Wave at the moment... but its going slow...

*To save enough money to go see The Middle One this summer.  And once that is spent, to save enough to start the baby making process, because I NEED me some baby! (I've gone from the staring at every baby going "awwww" stage, to not being able to look at one without bursting into tears.  Time to get a move on this plan, I think.

~~~And can I just add, that I know I've been a horrible SITSter, and NOT sharing the comment love as much.  I am so sorry.  I catch your comments on the fly, and am loving them.  I'm reading your blogs, but am so far behind at the moment that I'm literally reading blog after blog, and making my mental notes to comment when the chaos has settled.  I PROMISE!


  1. I do the list thing too! And SITStas.....I have been crazy busy and haven't been doing so much comment love either :( Guess we ought to get on that!

  2. I'm a list lover too! Thanks for the comments on my blog, I appreciate them. I hope you have a wonderful wedding, honeymoon, & marriage. Congratulations!

  3. After Christmas I'm on the fitness wagon myself! I have totally slacked off on it. :(

  4. Love checking in after a long time away. Sorry I've been so absent. Cheering you on to a healthier lifestyle. Great job on getting things in place to make it happen. Holly

  5. I like the list! I need to make some "goals" for myself too. The baby one will be on mine as well.

  6. I like not having a New Years resolution list too. Lists for just the heck of it are much better.

    Here's to a happy 2010.