Monday, December 14, 2009

OCD strikes again!

5 days people!! 5 days!!

So in the interest of packing and getting everything done to not rush... I'm sitting on my bed watching movies. Somehow the boxes DON'T seem to be packing themselves, which leads me to believe that all the fairytales I read as a child were full of it misleading. No Cobler elves to put the soles on shoes, no mice working at all hours to get my dress for the ball ready, and certainly not any dancing singing dishes jumping into their own boxes.

What a load of crap false advertising.

So... while the "holding area" for the boxes looks like this...

The dresser in my room looks like this.

What exactly IS this? These are my bags... 4 of them... the first is the "Wedding Bag", hair straightner, corset, make up bag, etc.

Next in the back is my "Documents" bag, so that when we hit the border, and need to get my visa, Voila! All in this handy dandy bag.

The small blue and grey on is Hayden's car bag. In it, some toys, his DS, iPod, Pokemon cards, and Books.

The pink one is MY car bag, with everything I think we might need while driving... meds, wallet, toiletries etc.

The small one at the end? It's my "Animal car bag" treats for Bern to get him in and out of the car, poop bags, flashlight, food for the hamsters, water bottle....

Each one has a list attached to it that I check off when things are added to it.

The U-haul might take forever to fill because things are scattered, but the van... IT will be organized.


  1. Wow, you are really organized! Good luck with the trip and wedding :)

  2. I love the lists.... You're writing cracks me up. Off to read more.

    Welcome to SITS! I'm hosting a giveaway for a Hamilton Beach 3 cup chopper....come on over. Comment that you are from SITS and get an extra entry. (Another thing to pack :)

  3. How exciting! You are like me! Have to have everything organized so you know exactly where everything is!