Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Earth Day!!

I have to admit I'm not sure what our family is doing for Earth Day this year.  We have Munchkin's science fair tonight so I guess our house will be power free for a few hours. The Eldest one is in lock up, so the fridge will be closed for more then 5 minutes at a time, and the computer will get a rest.

I like to think we're an environmentally friendly family to begin with.  We recycle, we reduce, we reuse.  When we look at purchases, we consider the impact on the environment. 

Munchkin has been a practicing vegetarian for about 3 months now.  By doing so, he can reduce his Carbon Footprint by up to 1.5 tons of CO2 a year.  Thats an incredible step for a 7 year old!

We have 3 kids.  We're bringing at least 2 more into this crazy world. What kind of parents would we be if we didn't do everything we can to help this planet stay healthy? We wont be bringing the babies home without baby proofing the house, so why would we without helping secure some kind of future for the world our babies will be growing up in?

I am an animal loving, tree hugging, earth kissing person, and I want my children to grow up seeing that, and hopefully joining in it, so I want to do whatever I can.

So imagine my surprise when I decided to check out the blog of one of my new commenters.  My Mecurial Nature had a really cool post about Earth Day.  And in it, she mentioned that her blog was going Carbon Neural. Are you kidding? How cool is that?? I didn't even think about the fact that my blog LEFT a carbon footprint. 

(For those of you NOT in the know, a Carbon Footprins is "the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event or product" [1]. For simplicity of reporting, it is often expressed in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide, or its equivalent of other GHGs, emitted.)

So... what can I do to change the Carbon Footprint caused by my Blog? is an organization that has made the commitment to plant a tree for every blog that meets the requirements (Blogs about the initiative). Pretty cool stuff!! 

So as of today,

co2 neutral shopping and coupons with


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  2. Awww! Thanks so much for mentioning little ol' me! Happy Earth Day and congrats on being "carbon free"...I figure it's the least we bloggers can do, right?! I love that even something as simple as this can make an impact!

  3. It's the little things that can make a huge impact on our little ones futures. Very cool, Sharon!