Thursday, April 22, 2010

Play Ball!

Alright Fellow Bloggers, and family members who lurk my blog (yep... I know you do it. Google shows me, so you can't hide your shame!) I need your help. 

McHubby and I have a STRONG difference of opinion on something.  At first, when we'd discuss it, it literally caused us to fight. Now, about 2 months later, we're at least able to laugh while we talk about it, but it's still a sore topic.

I'm a girl (surprise!)

There are certian parts of the male anatomy that I won't even pretend to understand.  For the sake of those of you who read with your kid on your lap, we'll call them... Tenders. (After Munchkin came home from his first week in grade two calling them EVERY name imaginable, tenders was the only name we allowed in the house).

Being the only girl (for now) in a family of 4 boys, Tenders are discussed a lot more then you'd imagine.  Frequently through the house, you'll hear "Careful! My tenders!"

I sometimes think that its a little bit of an exageration.  I'll flop my hand down on the bed, and McHubby goes "Hey! that was almost my tenders!" I usually roll my eye's and then flop my hand down again, a little closer this time to show that there were still miles and miles of room.

About 2 months ago, McHubby and I were on the couch watching TV with The Eldest.  I was laying down and my feet were in his lap.  I have tickleish feet. VERY! Like scream and yell and kick to get away if you tickle them.  So McHubby takes it upon himself to tickle my tootsies. In between gasps for air, I tell him to stop.  Like he's going to, right?  So he keeps tickleing, and I'm pushing him, kicking, even punching his arm.  And he wont stop. So, I do what anyone would do when they're being attacked. I tell him "If you tickle me again, I'm going to kick you in the tenders!"

And what does he do? Does he respond like any attacking animal would when a warning shot is fired off? NO! He starts tickling me again!

So I kicked him! Not hard, not some kind of tender rupturing shot, but... I kicked him. Right in the Tenders.

And here lays the problem. 

I kicked him. I take ownership that it may not have been the RIGHT thing to do.  BUT I told him I was going to do it!  He feels that all the responsibility lays with me, and my "Super kick". But I disagree. 

If you do "A", then "B" will happen.  If you still choose to do "A", then you need to take ownership of it.  I am a woman of my word.  If I tell you I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it (as long as I remember. I have a memory like a Sive!).

If you steal, you'll be arrested! If you steal anyways, is it the cops fault you got arrested?

If you don't study, you'll fail the test.  If you then fail, is it the teachers fault?

If you tickle me, I'll kick you in the tenders... tickle tickle.... kick.  Is it ALL my fault? I think that he should take SOME ownership of the kick.

What do YOU think??


  1. It's like give a warning and if not listened to, you go in for the kill (erm, time-out for the kids, tender-kicks for the hubs). It's totally on him...he knew the consequences. (and freaking LOL)

  2. Been there, done that....

    He deserved it....In fact, I probably would have kicked him harder.

  3. Totally agree, you warned him, he should have listened.

  4. No one deserves a kick in the tenders!! Even if you did warn him, the tenders are tenders, that can cause irreparable damage. I'm not saying that he was right, but guys will do that, we don't care if you warn us, here's an option, take your feet away, curl up on one side of the couch and go into moping mode..that will get the "Ok I'll stop, I won't do it again" and might lead to some tender love...pardon the pun

  5. McHubby here...for the record, I have never said I was in the right to continue to tickle BUT, there are certain parts of the anatomy that should be off limits for violent acts! I love you baby! 3-1!!

  6. I agree! He was told! He took it upon himself, he knew the consequences, and he chose to continue! His choice! :)

  7. If you are warned of the consequences of the act and you decided to do it again you know what will happen

  8. You gave him the warning. His tenders were at stake but he didn't heed the warning so I think you were in the right to kick him, although not hard.

  9. I have to say that the "tenders" should never be kicked. Ever. Under any circumstances. I'm typing this mainly because my "tenders" won't let me type anything else. Next time, try a gentle squeeze and some light stroking. I guarantee that he will stop tickling, and move on to trying to put parts of him into you. That's win, win, win.