Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I've bought baby clothes.

I've started collecting things for the nursery.

Like this cute shelf.

Free samples of diapers are slowly filling a container in my dining room.

Blankets have been washed, folded and stored away.

Family has been told what to expect.

If we're lucky, this time next year we'll be getting ready for our little one(s) to join our family. We'll be a month away from holding them in our arms, a month away from our prince/princess.

I'm extactic, I can't wait!

And I have to be honest.  There are a couple people who, when I'm around them, they give off this vibe that my son and I are "intruding" on something private, something we're not really a part of.  I've got to be honest, when Becky and Sam hit the scene, it may just be the catalist I need to tell them what I really think, instead of dwelling on it till it builds up, like it does now. 

We have 2 sets of very happy grandparents anxiously awaiting, and making bets that our little one will be a boy.  But McHubby and I... We've got a feeling... and our Pink is waiting to join our family. Our PINK is waiting, and there are some people.. they can just eat their hearts out.

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