Friday, November 13, 2009

Food, Cooking and a little Drabby to Fabby!

Meal times in my house are an important occasion. Ever since I can remember, we've gathered around the table, broke bread and shared about our days. As little kids, I remember sitting at the table long after the actual eating had stopped, talking about .... everything. Over the years we've added and taken away chairs as our family dynamic changed and expanded. Our table has always been open to family and friends, and its not surprising on holidays to find those far from home seated at our table.

As a kid, this never meant anything to me. It was just louder, and sometimes a little less dessert left over. Now being older, and pretending to be wiser, I can see the effect this open table policy had on out family. I'm close to my family. As a teenager I told my parents stuff that made my best friend cringe and say "Do you tell your parents EVERYTHING?" There was always this openness around the table that made it comforting, and I think my brother and I are better people for it. (Don't get me wrong, we're not perfect and have been known to loose our way, but like the prodigal son we've always found ourselves back at our parents table, welcomed with open arms)

(Our Thanksgiving table this year)

Some of my best memories come from a group of us getting together and if nothing else, it opens us up to some pretty funny stories, and a chance to share some pretty raunchy funny jokes (Including my parents, there are 5 ministers in my immediate {aunt and uncle} family, and it's like a chance to tell dirty jokes to those of their kind. I've never seen (heard) anything like it!)

(This is my family, my brother's family, my sister in laws family, and her twin sister's family after church a few weeks ago)

So with all those meals, all that food and fellowship, you've gotta figure there's some good food...

(Thanksgiving dinner this year)

(Homemade Mac and Cheese... YUM!)

(Monkey Bread. I had NEVER had anything like this till last weekend and my tummy is already growling just looking at this picture!)

(Vegetarian Lasagna -and bad camera work)

(Homemade Bread fresh from the oven. THAT's what I think Heaven will smell like)

(Homemade apple pies and blossoms made from scratch with apples picked at the local apple farm. THATS home grown fresh)

So you'd think, with this love of food that I would be in there... up to my elbows in pasta, sauce and cinnamon. But sadly to say I was not blessed with the cooking Gene. How do I know that? Well... I made some chicken bacon "Pupcakes" for Bernie's birthday. Take a look at this...

Yep. Its pretty bad when the dog who eats his own poop finds it hard to swallow your cooking.

Now you may remember a little contest called Drabby to Fabby. You know the contest I blog about obsessively?? Well, last contest there were possibly 3 of us that actually entered pictures. For some reason, no one wants to take pictures of themselves. They just want the swag. Well... Poop on them! Cheapskate has found it a little discouraging because... well.. the pictures are fun!! who doesn't want to look at other and say I'm so there!

Last contest I posted pictures of my INCREDIBLY messy house. Like can't see the floor in some rooms kind of messy. And you know what? People commented and said "Thats what MY house looks like!" or "I can't keep that room clean either!" and you know what? I wasn't ashamed of the way my house looked (ok... maybe I was a tad worried someone would show the pictures to my soon to be mother in law...). I knew there were other moms out there who dreaded folding laundry and stuff... It wasn't so bad! In fact I found it kind of encouraging that others were like me. So... I dont really know why other people wont post pics. But if nothing else it gives you a chance to laugh at yourself. Which everyone should be able to do!

So this week's Drabby to Fabby, we need to show a picture of ourselves slaving away in the kitchen. But that's a problem for me because... I don't cook. I'm living with my parents ATM, and they are the cooks and grocery buyers so they usually decide the menu.

So... whats a girl to do who wants to support her blogger friends? Well... I guess I gotta keep it real and show how I make dinner... me slaving away in the kitchen...

(Oh Pizza Pizza Order Online... I love how you've changed my life)

But to be honest, here's me when I'm most in my element during the meal prep time...

How about you? Why not take a picture of you slaving away in the kitchen. Post it, then head on over to Drabby to Fabby, and enter to for a chance to win a hot mama apron from Quilt A Treasure.


  1. What? You had Thanksgiving already? Those photos look yummy! I can't wait! ... Although apart from Thanksgiving, I could eat pizza every night!

    Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest!

  2. Pizza Hut online is evil!! It makes it so easy for me to not have to talk to anyone! Just order online and send Mr. Bernie to the door to get the pizza. Evil but oh so good!

  3. Oh my!! I am so hungry now!! Thanks for sharing! I'm picking a winner tomorrow night!